Coaching, Training & Agile Experience
French training manager for professional coaches at "Office Fédéral du Sport" in Switzerland, Bertrand Théraulaz is a coach-trainer, expert in Individual and Team High Performance. He accompanies the high level sport man and woman and promising young player in their physical and psychological preparation physique in front of competition stress and in front of strategy, tactic and leadership needs in the teams. His impressive experience in sport team coaching permits him to discover a new approach that he co-founded with another sport coach-trainer: the Action Types® Approach. This approach allows to a lot of sport man and woman to contribute to their success at the national, mondial and olympic level. Bertrand Théraulaz trains the Action Types approach to the enterprises, the psychologists and the sport professionals. He accompanies also the companies in their performance and changement management need.
Bertrand Théraulaz
  • Certified Action Types Trainer
  • Action Types® Founder