This highly interactive two-day training and accredited by ICAgile presents a technical point of view and a pragmatic new thinking between cooperation and coordination within IT teams: DevOps. The movement goal is to flow the software creation processes by creating synergy between software teams and IT operationals.

You will be aware of these new concepts and also focuse on the technical advantages and business for a company to adopt this culture.

To assist you in this training, Agilbee appealed a, Agile Trainer-Coach having necessarily skills in agile coaching for team and enterprise; he/she will guide you in the Agile discovery with the good mindset and will share you his/her experience

Certified Training

The AgilBee's training integrate the ICAgile training path. This training "DevOps Culture" allows you to validate the first level of the ICAgile's DevOps course: "ICAgile Certified Professional in Foundations of DevOps" (ICP-IDO). You will receive a link to download after training the certificate.


  • Understanding the DevOps culture
  • Apprehending the operating principles of DevOps
  • Sharing an implementation DevOps approach


  • Why DevOps?
    • Business Perspectives
    • IT Perspectives
    • Dev and Ops stereotypes: Perceptions and Reality
  • What is DevOps?
    • Presentation & Goals
    • DevOps: Value for Enterprise
    • Demonstrated results
    • DevOps in Enterprise
  • The 3 principles of DevOps
  • DevOps Culture
  • Organizational considerations for DevOps
    • DevOps members
    • DevOps Roles
    • DevOps Teams
  • DevOps Practices
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Theory of Contraints
    • Agile abd Lean
    • ITSM Practices
  • Automatization
    • DevOps Automatisation Practices
    • Categories of DevOps tools
    • DevOps Tools Workflow
  • Adopting a DevOps culture
    • Getting Started
    • Challenges, Risks and Key Success Factors
    • Measuring the success of DevOps
    • CALMS, change management proposed by DevOps.

Individual Coaching

To more effectively put the training in action, we offer coaching assistance by our Trainers / Coaches to implement what has been taught in your specific environment.

Customized Training

To best meet your training needs, we design training solutions tailored to your unique context.


Beyond formal training sessions, our coaches are available to support a collective action, a team intervention or any other group facilitation.


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Reference: OPS
Languages: English and French
Theory: 30% - Practice: 70%
Requisite: None
Attendee: Managers - Temps members
Session: By course, 20 attendees maximum
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