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The Agile Dojo is an active and participatory training device, similar to training for companies looking for more performance and fun. It delivers true know-how and skills within teams and organizations. This type of educational approach, moving away from traditional training and e-learning, is characterized by the following 3 elements:


    Learning, Training, Consciousness and Sharpening reflexes, the Agile Dojo® is above all a place where you practice continuously with workshops (called games). These games are performed over short periods of time and link with each lived experience to amplify the memorization. This memorization is carried out by actions of type Retreat (Repetition of Exercise), Simulation and Situations. It is the achievement of individual excellence and the maintenance of knowledge.

    The Agile Dojo® represents the rise of the team through the sharing of experiences, a work of cohesion and cooperation to develop team spirit, (re) motivation and competitiveness. It thus completes the great lack of the company and our society by developing the strength of the collective where ideas arise, innovations emerge and the collective learns to know each other individually and collectively.

    To leave the conventional framework, to adopt a new point of view, to seek creativity and innovation, is the idea of ​​"Thinking out of the box". But this does not end here. At Agile Dojo, we learn to explore, test solutions and become aware of the strengths and areas for improvement. It is also an opportunity to suggest his own exploration topics far from techniques covered by the catalog of Agile Dojo. And then, from time to time, if the trainer-coach was you! It's possible.

The objectives of the Agile Dojo®:


    In the world of sport, high-level athletes use the 3P, represented by a slogan, to recall the foundations for building efficient systems: "A small Pressure, a lot of Pleasure, Peace of mind". If the company context offers the necessary pressure to the projects, the Agile Dojo offers the indispensable tool to create "Fun" and this tranquility of the spirit. Adapted to teams, organizations and complex situations, performance is activated through the application of practical and participatory methods and exercises.

    Know how to change needs - Know how to write documentation efficiently and optimally - Know how to adapt its practices - Find the right processes - Build good teams - Propose new products - Expose new solutions, «Being Agile» is above all a state of mind mind that makes us adapt according to the context and our talents. "Being Agile" is not just about applying a methodology, approach, framework or practices, it's about the mindset needed to change the contexts of business in order to continue to exist in a highly changing world; it is therefore a business need. With Agile Dojo®, you will become Agile, make Agile and learn beyond that, the themes that will allow you to maintain this culture of change and performance.

The Agile Dojo® is a place of study, work and exchange where you can share your experiences, you can present your experience, but also learn from the experiences of other participants.


Concept and Principles

The idea is to deliver a training of low temporality to leave an important memory trace.

Periodicity: One day a week
We believe that learning is more important if the knowledge is distributed, little by little and periodically.

Programming: By group, from half a day to two hours a day and a week. For optimal programming, consider scheduling multiple sessions in the same day: 2 half-day sessions or 3 2-hour sessions, for example.

Location: In your premises. No more constraints and costs related to moving your employees!


This practice brings true know-how and skills to teams and organizations through participatory training and active coaching.

  • Lego4Scrum
  • Robot4Scrum: Estimation and Plannification
  • Lego4LESS
  • Lego4Cynefin
  • XP Game
  • Story Mapping
  • UserStory Kata - L'Art du Découpage
  • UserStoryBoard Kata - Improving the Userstory understanding with a StoryBoard
  • Business Value Game
  • Business Value Optimization Kata
  • Documentation Executable
  • LeanStartup
  • Decision Kata - Art of Decision
  • Kapla Kata - Art of Agile Leadership
  • Games on Systemic Failure
  • Systemic Mapping
  • Lego Serious Game®

  • Workshop on Interculturality

  • Coding Dojo initiation
  • Executable Documentation
  • Test Driven Development
  • Test Driven Requirement
  • Behaviour Driven Development
  • Kanban Game 5
  • Pizza Game : Kanban in action
  • BeeGame
  • BeerGame
  • Discover Action | Types® approach
  • Deep Motivations with Action Types
  • Motor Eye Kata
  • Managing the talents with Action-Types®
  • Discovering the PNL
  • Discovering the Mind-Mapping
  • Discovering the Somatic Experiency (SE)
  • Mouvement - First role of our Brain
  • Primitive and Archaics Reflex
  • Relaxation
  • Innovation Games
  • Design Thinking by example
  • Blue Ocean by example
  • Innovation Management

Our Advices

Practicing and learning step by step is more effective than long training. The Agile Dojo favors a strong ROI in terms of learning and promotes immediate implementation since it intervenes close to your projects.
The +: From a financial point of view, this action is considered professional training, so it can be supported by your OPCA under certain conditions (Consult us for this).
The AgileDojo® is an offer that perfectly complements our Coaching offer.

Technical Details




For all the members of a company: Managers, Managers, HR, Project Managers, Software Development Team, Architects and more generally the companies and teams who are agile or not, from the beginner to the expert level. It goes from coaching managers to coaching Agile Coaches.


Theory: 20%
Practice: 80%
Our pedagogical approach relies on tools and techniques such as Facilitation, Serious Games, exchange and feedback, situational experience, active accompaniment ...



Depending on the type of activity, training sessions are carried out with a maximum of 12 people in general. For sessions related to Business Coaches, it is requested not to exceed 7 people.


French and English

Our Trainers-Coaches

All our coach-trainers intervene on this type of content. Our strength is our complementarity and our experience.


Individual Coaching

To more effectively put the training in action, we offer coaching assistance by our Trainers / Coaches to implement what has been taught in your specific environment.

Customized Training

To best meet your training needs, we design training solutions tailored to your unique context.


Beyond formal training sessions, our coaches are available to support a collective action, a team intervention or any other group facilitation.

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