Discover the art of facilitation with the Agile Coach. This course is presented by a seasoned Agile Coach which helped teams, projects and companies use the Agile approach and coached future Agile coaches. This training will enable you to work in an efficient and highly collaborative work environment. It will give you a thorough understanding of this specific role of coaching in the IT sector and will help you use tools and skills needed to facilitate and apply Agile in teams.

Ideal for ScrumMasters, Coaches, IT Consultant, you will learn efficient retrospectives, help your teams reach their objectives, walk through individuals leverage a collective Agile transformation. You will also learn how to face unexpected situation in this complete training.



 Agilbee trainings are part of the ICAgile learning tracks.


Once you successfully follow this training “Agile Coach : Team facilitation and Coach posture” you will be certified “ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF)". It will enable you to validate the first level of the Certified Agile Coach ICAgile learning track. You will be able to follow the next step: “ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)” to finally reach “ICAgile Certified Expert (ICE) in Agile Coaching”.

Indicative Program

Day 1
Skills of a facilitator
  • Workshop : discussion facilitation

Structured group discussion technique (ORID)
  • Workshop: structured questions

Structured discussion game
  • Prepare a discussion

  • Workshop: Facilitation a discussion amongst participants

What is an Agile Coach?
  • The different level of Agile Coaching

  • The different Agile coach postures

  • The Agile Coach within a team

The coaching Contract
  • Workshop: define a coaching request

  • Sociomap

  • Offer an Agile Coaching


Day 2
Follow up implementing the structured discussion
  • Workshop: Facilitation a discussion amongst participants

Consensus facilitation technique
  • Workshop: Consensus facilitation

Feedback on the consensus facilitation
Various Agile workshops:
  • Product vision

  • Storymap

  • Retrospective

  • Project assessment

Agile workshop practice
  • How to prepare for a workshop

  • Workshop: Facilitate one to one

Feedback on the workshop
  • Workshop: Facilitate one to one

End of training, feedback and questions.

The Expert says:

Why such a training?

This Agile coach course is not just an introduction to become an Agile coach. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn the mindset and techniques to become a professional Agile coach facilitation teams and individuals. For a long time this job has been made of practitioners without real recognition. With this certification, Agilbee shows it’s leadership in offering a quality training to future Agile Coaches who want to boost their career in the right direction. This learning track has been thought in two steps : first 2 days then 3 days: Facilitation (level 1) and Enterprise Agile Coaching (level 2).

We recommend for more efficiency a one day assistance by Agilbee for a practical approach to this training directly in you day to day context, within your business or your teams. Contact us.

Individual Coaching

To more effectively put the training in action, we offer coaching assistance by our Trainers / Coaches to implement what has been taught in your specific environment.

Customized Training

To best meet your training needs, we design training solutions tailored to your unique context.


Beyond formal training sessions, our coaches are available to support a collective action, a team intervention or any other group facilitation.


Jean-François Hélie Shilov

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Class Information

Reference: COA
Languages: English or French
Theory: 30% - Practice: 70%
Requisite: Requisites: Certified SrumMaster CSM or Certified Scrum Product Owner CSPO or Agile Fundamentals. You can also follow this course if you've been coaching teams before.
Attendee: This ceritification course is for ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches who want to get more professional or anybody who consults and wishes to become a Certified Agile Coach.
Session: Maximum of 12 students
Modalité d'accés : Vous pouvez vous inscrire au plus tard 2 jours ouvrés avant le début de la formation
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