« Don’t blame the individual, fix the system for them »–  William Edwards Deming


Leadership, Engagement, Process

The managers need to constantly adapt to an ever changing context and to teams getting more and more agile. The Agile Manager coaching offers to refocus existing processes and based on an agile toolbox (Kanban, Visual management, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Value Stream Mapping, Happy Cards, Leadership KPI) to work on team engagement and performance, and implementation of agile processes. Unlike traditional systems, the Agile Manager Coaching gives a unique opportunity to sync with your teams’ performance.


  • Consolidate your teams’ leadership,

  • Generate trust,

  • Enable self expression,

  • Enable conditions for performance,

  • Empower for leadership to deliver a quality environment at work,

  • Identify your strength and competencies,

  • Discover your blind spots and vulnerabilities,

  • Team dynamic : measure and improve.

Increase team's efficiency

  • Develop a positive dynamic,

  • Discover your teams’ individual preferences,

  • Discover your teams’ collective preferences,

  • Highlight potentials and weaknesses (compatible or incompatible) within a team,

  • Transform a team’s differences into strength,

  • Include isolated or rejected team members.

Créativity, Innovation and Engagement


  • Facilitate innovation and creativity,

  • Support Marketing and innovation teams,

  • Offer innovation tools : Design thinking, Ocean Blue, Innovation Games, Lean Startup.



Sometimes, Managers have lost trust from their team and communication becomes difficult. Our individual or group coaching offers to create new spaces for communication enabling teams for action aligned with the company’s vision and yours, empowering every team member on creating value for the customers.

We select specific powerful and innovative tools assist you in problem solving : LSP technics, Workshops, HBDI, Action Types.


Agilbee helped teams amongst which members had disabilities. In order to help companies with their diversity and inclusion policies, we can help you include diversity in your teams to maximize every individual. If you want to know more about this offer, please contact us.