FOR WHO? For all territorial elected officials!

You, who are confronted with the fall of the endowments of the State and with the increase of Equalization Funds of Intercommunal and Communal Resources,

You, from whom the administrators demand to do more, even with less budget...

This workshop is for you, so much it will allow you, supported by the AGILBEE’s experts in organizational consulting, facilitation and innovation, to solve this squaring of the circle by bringing out, as obvious, the evolutions, improvements and solutions chosen by and for the greatest number.


In first, in a single room, are gathered together elected representatives, committed citizens (people strongly involved in the life of the community) and the AGILBEE’s experts-facilitators available at any time upon request. Then, divided into groups, these actors are assigned a virtual budget. Their mission is to list, prioritize and study the feasibility of the unpartisan solutions and, after open debates, to allocate this virtual public money where it will be most effective for citizens and the city.

In fact, this agile and collaborative approach allows:

  • To open the discussion and to listen to all points of view,
  • To reach a consensus that will facilitate the budget orientation prioritization.


The main advantages of this method (called "budget games") are:

  • Obtaining the consent - and the understanding of committed and representative citizens about the budget choices of the city,
  • The development of the civic engagement of the citizens and the civic dynamics of the municipality
  • And the Empowerment and Involvement of the representative actors.